Buyers Services

You will find an experienced knowledgeable agent that will help you make the correct search to find the best alternativre in the selected market.

The best decision you can make in the real estate market in Puerto Rico US is having the most committed real estate company working for you with your real estate investment.

Buying Process

Buying a property is always an exciting and complex procedure. I will provide you the information to help you make an educated decision help you find the property that meet your criteria. I strive to make the buying process an effortless and enjoyable one.

Buying Steps

Initial Consultation

  • Determine your needs
  • Pre-qualify and advice the type of mortgage based on the property and your financial condition.
  • Determine the geographic area to target the search of the property
  • Provide information of the community in general

Showing Properties

  • We will give you a tour of the area
  • We’ll advice and guide you to the best real estate investment in the selected are

Option the Selected Property

  • Provide a market analysis of the area the property is located
  • Prepare and explain the option contract agreement
  • Explain your obligation and responsibilities of the option contract

Seller & Buyer Option Contract

  • Explanation of all the terms and conditions on offers on the property.

Financing and Closing

  • Advice on the selection of the banking institution for the mortgage loan.
  • Deliver document and information submittals to the banking institution necessary for the loan application.
  • Be a link between you and the banking institution through the closing process.

A Buyer with us is a Client & Friend forever.