Property Conditions

New Picture (1)In the actual real estate market is very important to have the property in conditions than never before. The actual market is more competitive because the lack of active buyers and the excess of properties for sale, in additions to the banks repo properties. In the past there was so many active buyers that seller don’t have to pay attention on the details conditions of their properties. Now the market is completely different, seller will received only few visits to their property so they can’t afford to lose any opportunity to show their property in top conditions.

Recommendations have always your property as you expect a client every day so in that way you don’t lose any possible prospect. The front and back yard always in conditions touch of paint inside and outside the property constantly, clearing spaces inside and outside. At showing the property has to look great and be bright.

Remember be prepared so when you real estate broker or a client call set a showing of your property you don’t have to cancel the showing because you are not prepared, because probably they don’t going to call again, because the excess of properties in the market.